Corrosion or Contamination Removal
US Patent 7,390,560 & Patents Pending

The present technology comprises a practical system for cleaning the surface of equipment, weapon, vehicle, or structural component, from corrosion or contamination, on command at any time. The method is particularly useful for corrosion removal providing a clean surface.

The method based on interfacial energy control is currently at prototype stage and entering small scale manufacturing. System can be rapidly transitioned to field operation within twelve months. PELís patented Smart Coating Systems US 7,390,560, can readily be employed to support these uses. Array layers are attached to the selected surface, and shed by novel methods exposing a new clean surface.  Various coating materials have been successfully tested including metals, polymers and elastomers.

The mechanism involves energetic input across a coating array which releases the corroded or contaminated layer. A number of prototypes have been prepared, and tailoring for various applications should directly follow. (Figure 1) illustrates the technology on a sample from underwater. The coating with fouled material is readily removed leaving a clean sheet as the new surface. The method can be employed on land or underwater and is not impeded by varied environmental conditions.

The method will prolong the need to clean the surface every few months, extend the life of applicable equipment, devices, weapons, or vehicles, and no longer require special and expensive materials to prevent corrosion or clean up surface contamination such as chemical or biological agents. A new clean surface from the array will replace the corroded one. The equipment will thereby be easier to handle and operate. We estimate about 10-20% labor, materials and end-use savings translating into millions of dollars saved.

Figure 1

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